Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mid-Week Musings

Headline from the local paper:

Mountains of Laundry Swallow House
The repairman is scheduled to fix our washing machine tomorrow and not a moment too soon. I sure didn't think my teen-aged daughter had that many clothes in her wardrobe. But, soon we won't be able to see her bed for all the dirty jeans and shirts laying around. I did some laundry at my brother's house night before last - so, yes we have clean underwear.
Michael had a rough morning - it was tough for him to even speak on the telephone without gasping for breath. He refuses to see our doctor - claims it won't do any good since they can't cure his lung disease. No, but there are medications they can give him if it's an infection or congestion, I told him. He still won't go. Stubborn? You bet.
I've come to the conclusion that sock knitting is a slow, laborious process and socks from WalMart are just fine. LOL. Dang it, this took away some precious sewing time the last few days and all I have to show for it is three inches of a sock. Should confine knitting time to television viewing hours - which will dramatically limit knitting practice. There's nothing on telly that really interests me most nights. I got snowballs to make! Several wall quilts are calling my name too! One of my friends has a young grandson who is crazy about trains - a ha moment! Use the last of the nickel train fabric squares for a comfort quilt. I haven't done a thing about my Log Cabin quilt other than look at the fabric. The weather guessers in SW Ohio predict a lot of snow Friday/Saturday so I may get the opportunity for a good stretch of stitching - nothing else to do - other than laundry. Sheer heaven!
My sister-in-law returned from Haiti last night. We're all anxious to hear about her experiences in the Port Au Prince Hospital. Expect that she's sleeping today - when my brother spoke to her on Sunday night she said she was only getting two hours of rest/sleep each night.

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