Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love And The Joy of Being A Real Dork

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from our pastor's wife, Kay. She also teaches my Sunday School class. She wanted to know more details about Michael and to see if there was anything in addition to prayer the church could help me with. Wow! There is nothing like the love Christians have for one another, is there?

When Tattoo Boy was really irritated with me a few years ago, he called me a dork for loving musicals. OK, if that's anybody's definition of belonging in that group, I proclaim myself REALLY guilty. If TB had been around me at lunchtime today, he would have thrown me into a jail cell and tossed out the key. It's time for the annual book and music sale at my office and I hit the mother lode! Five, count 'em five CDs of musical numbers from various muscials ranging from "Phantom of the Opera" to "Jesus Christ Superstar" to "Oklahoma" to "South Pacific" and everything in between. Fourteen dollars! Very discreetly, I tucked one of the CDs into my computer in the midst of cubicle central and listened to "All Or Nuthin'" from "Oklahoma" this afternoon. I am gonna love listening to every second of these CDs whether in the car or in the sewing room.

Andrea and I play a game whilst we're listening to her teenaged taste in music during our girly outings. She tries to trick me by asking me if know the artist/group for each recording we listen to. I don't have a clue, so I answer Justin Timberlake if it's a male singer, Lady GaGa if it's a gal and Black Eyed Peas for groups. "Ah, Mom, you're just guessing. What a dork you are!"

Yep. A very blessed dork.


Cindy said...

I guess since I'm a dork then I'm in great company. When Jen was little and we were in the car we'd always play the name the group game. My answer was always the same. The 1910 Fruitgum company.

Linda and Piwacket said...

I'm a dork, too! When I had my CD player in my HR office, right next to the lunch room, occasionally I'd take out the classical CD and put in "Annie." My assistant and I were always curious as to how many of our macho chemical operators would start singing "The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow" at the top of their lungs with us. I had music I'd play secretly for my team depending upon what events we had for the day (dark humor coming up) "Hit the Road Jack" if I had to let go helped me through those agonizing times.