Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tidbits on Tuesday

I'm meeting with the Hospice chaplain this afternoon. Michael's already declined to meet with her - no surprise there. Please keep Michael in your prayers - that his heart will open toward God. At present, it seems like a difficult task.

During my commute to work and back home, I've been listening to some CDs my mom sent to me. They're recordings of a series of sermons their pastor did last October about authentic life - overcoming hurdles in life. Powerful stuff. I'm finding that listening to material like this is much better for me than listening to the crap on the radio. Who would have thought that I could find more of my time with God behind the wheel of Honda CR V?

Another rough night for Michael. He was up with me and Andrea at 5:30 this morning - said he couldn't sleep. He did go back to bed for a few hours once we left the house. Smudge woke him up at 9, playing with the blinds in our room. He's out in the garage at present, staring at the model train layout, not really inspired to do any work on it today. It's difficult to see him so listless when he was always very active doing things around the house. I know this inactivity imposed on him by his lungs tortures him.


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Linda and Piwacket said...

You're in my daily prayers.