Friday, May 28, 2010

Times That Try Your Patience To The Very Core

An analyst from Social Security Administration (SSA) phoned Michael yesterday about his request for disability benefits. Michael, of course, was confused since he thought the SSA issue had been resolved. Partially. The retirement benefit was approved several months ago. The disability claim continues to be outstanding. I phoned the analyst back and learned SSA has LOST all of the medical records which were obtained to evaluate his claim! LOST! We filed this claim eleven months ago and did mountains of paperwork and now they have the absolute gall to advise me that we need to start from square one with release documentation! Anger is not an appropriate word to describe how I feel. I cannot let myself cry - they are not worth it and besides if I start to cry now, I may not be able to stop.

Everything I touch/handle these days seems to get stuck, stymied or stalled. Take for instance the new roof. I sent all the paperwork and check to the mortgage company. They returned the check because the roofer needs to sign it (aforementioned roofer said they did NOT need to sign) and Michael and I did not sign the estimate page - no place for signatures on there. How were we to know? The claim for Andrea's ambulance ride to the hospital was denied by our insurance company even though the first hospital required the ambulance for transport. ( I'm contesting that one, folks.) Then, I try to make a simple withdrawal from mutual funds - had to show them proof of my marriage to Michael before they'd do that - one week later - no money!

I'm frustrated. I sat in our bathroom this morning planning my next steps with the above-mentioned items and more when Smudge wandered in. I picked him up and buried my face in his fur, feeling one tear and then another melt into the poor cat's side. He started to purr like there's no tomorrow. Whoever said animals are not a gift from above are dead wrong! I'll buy another cat nip plant for Smudge this weekend. (Buttons, our outdoor feral cat ate the first one.)

Perhaps I need this upcoming three day weekend a lot right now to re-group and re-focus. Nothing really planned except a Reds' game tomorrow night with Andrea, a sale at Joann's (batting half off!) and hopefully loads of sewing time. Michael's having a very rough time with his breathing - the heat and humidity are not good for his already knackered lungs. We turned the AC on last night and the temperature difference sent him into a harsh asthma attack. Can't win no matter what you try - his lungs just cannot handle it.

I think I'll spend a bit more time in prayer tonight. Prayers do work - Sam's getting better each day and may leave ICU this weekend. That's proof enough for me! Thank you, God!

Love ya,


Jennifer said...

Cathy - you have an amazing attitude in the midst of all you're dealing with. You are such a strong person!

Linda and Piwacket said...

There are just not words to express how deeply upset I am for you on all fronts right now. I'm glad that Smudge was there for you. I know everything will be okay, Cathy. I don't know how or when, but you and I both know that our faith is never misplaced.

Anonymous said...

Animals are truly a blessing and I fully believe they can EASILY percieve our moods. Good Kitty!!