Saturday, August 7, 2010

Come Saturday Morning

Lovely day! Got two more hours sleep than is normal, time to interact on the computer and then Andrea and I are off to an open house at a local art college. Once that's done, we'll have lunch at Chipotle's and shop at Joann's again for more jewelry making materials for Andrea's budding business. Perhaps a bit more fabric for me - one never knows!

Last night, Andrea went to the outlet mall with her friends so Michael and I took the opportunity and had a "date" - dinner at Bob Evans is about as "wild" as the two of us can get! It was good to reconnect with him. We talked about a lot of stuff- he is certainly opinionated. But that's OK - I've grown to expect nothing less from him. The conversation was good, topics not so good - final plans, lung transplants, Margaret's visit. He has plans for selling most of his model railroad items - a monumental task. I will do what I can to support that. A volunteer from Hospice is coming to the house on Monday to help begin the task of photographing and writing a description of each piece. I digress- the talk we had was just like our "old" times and slapped me back into the realization that I do love this man despite all his moanings. I need to start cherishing each hour with him because all too soon, it will be over.

Got some sewing done as well - working on a nickel quilt with Cincinnati Bengals material to ultimately sell at the craft fair or at the office. Bought some yardage of batting - half off at Joann's this weekend, folks. I always try to buy it when it's on sale or at least have a coupon.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

If it's not on sale, it stays on the shelf with me. Or coupons!! Your right about cherishing every minute with your dear hubs. For soon enough he will be in God's hands and you miss the very littlest things about him, even his stubborn opinionated ways. :)

I am going to try and get some sewing done today. Beyond finishing up little projects. I want to do something different. Off to my day I go. Hugs. Tazzy

joven said...

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