Friday, August 27, 2010

Introducing Miss Milly Bean

After three nights of searching the local humane societies and cat shelters, we found the newest addition to our family.


Milly Bean

Former home: RedBank Veterinary Hospital

Color: Black and White

Born on the 4th of July

The truly amazing thing about having Miss Milly is the affect she's already had on Michael. He has really taken to our little ball of fluff even though she attacks his feet, oxygen tubes and plays with his shoes.

Andrea and I took her to PetSmart last night for her new pink collar with a sparkly bell and a pink fuzzy bed. She wasn't too keen on the collar, but will soon get used to it. Her food bowl was empty this morning - wow, a good eater, I thought. That is until I saw Daisy lick her teeth. I guess Kitten Chow tastes better than Kibbles and Bits. LOL

Gotta tell you that having this little kitten has lifted our spirits ten-fold. We're still mourning Smudge, but there is great restorative spirit in watching a little black and white "streak" spring from one room to the next.

Thank you, God for steering us toward Milly.

Love ya,


Cindy said...

Oh I'm so happy that you found Miss Milly she is adorable. Its amazing how a little bundle of fluff can change a household. Here's to many many years of happiness with your new family member.

Tammy said...

God bless the critters who bless & nourish our souls. I love having a puppy or kitten in the house. The love the leave behind is amazing!! Sounds like Milly Bean is fitting right in.

Name??? How did it come about.

mary said...

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Linda and Piwacket said...

Miss Milly is a lucky kitty to have found such a loving home. You were wise to open your heart so quickly to a new little someone to love. I can't wait to meet her. What a cutie!