Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ending Summer With A Bang!

Summer's rapidly coming to an end - school starts in ten days. That's normally a cause for celebration, but this year's different. It's Andrea's senior year - her last year of public education. That alone will dictate a lot of changes and change is never easy. It holds tons of promise though.

But first, we have some activities planned. Andrea and I are attending midnight madness at the local pottery studio on Saturday. On Sunday, we'll pick up Tattoo Boy and attend a Reds game together. Michael will join us after his hospice appointment and we'll head to a state park for a couple of days. I'm off work all next week - a welcome break.

Hoping to get a lot of sewing accomplished during my week away from the office. I don't have a thing ready for the craft fair for next month. Andrea has loads of jewelry all ready.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't been a total slacker about our Florida trip fund - I sold two quilts yesterday at the office to co-workers. A third one is on the frame now and I should get the binding on it tonight. I've made four pillowcases and have a couple more I want to get done by the end of the week. Spent my lunch hours this week reading two new quilt magazines - got some excellent ideas brewing for strip sewing and stencil use.

Michael's lung disease appears to be progressing - he spends a lot of time sleeping - which the hospice nurse told us to expect. The hospice social worker is paying a visit to Michael today. Micheal was quite happy with his progress on the train project thanks to the volunteer who was at the house on Monday. It's the most I've seen him engaged in a project for a long time. There are many things he could be doing - but the "mood" just isn't present. He has several unfinished novels he's written, all that train stuff and many models, puzzles and books - all of which don't require physical exertion. The lastest? He and his best friend, Martin, are on the outs. Not sure how long that will last. You get two stubborn Englishmen together - BAM!

Stubborn? Hard-hearted - I still wonder how anybody is going to get through his thick skull before he passes into the next world. There are so many people praying for him. It is benefitting me however. If anything, this whole experience is drawing me nearer to God and He is drawing nearer to me. My example may be what eventually breaks down those barriers for Michael. So here's the verse I read this morning:

Let each of you look out not only for his own interests but also for the interests of others.
-Philippians 2:4

I'll keep at it.

Love ya,


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Count me in on the prayers! I'll keep at it!

Tazzy said...

Cathy, I was brought to your post today for a reason. I love that verse! Perhaps your husband finds his stubborness to be a way of lifting all your sad dark thoughts and filling the space with contention and bickering. It's twisted sure, but my kids grandfather was like this. He said "I kept you busy not worrying"

Who knows. I being half irish and half american indian, I too can be stubborn so I get. :)

Hugs to you today and prayers go up.

Linda and Piwacket said...

Yay for being off work for a week! You deserve it. Just as Regina said, you're in my constant prayers. I'm praying for Michael and Andrea, too. I'm so sorry to hear about Michael and Martin...I hope they repair their rift soon. Good for you for getting some things sold!! XX OO

mary said...

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