Friday, November 18, 2011

Long Time-No Post

I know it's been months since my last post and for that I don't really have an excuse other than time slipping away. Has it really been seven months since Michael died? Yes. Has a lot happened? Yes. But where to start......

Andrea and I took that long-awaited trip to Florida at the end of August. It was great simply getting away for a few days. We visited Universal Studios - Harry Potter World, Magic Kingdom, Disney Studios and Epcot, capping off the week with a trip to Cocoa Beach. That brought back some memories as the first vacation I took with Michael was to Cocoa Beach eleven years ago.

At this time, Andrea's approaching the end of her first quarter at UC. She is struggling with the course load, so she has decided to take fewer classes until she knows what she can handle. She adores her job at Pet Smart and I swear she'd bring home every animal she sees.

Me? I'm still trying to create a life without my spouse and be happy. I have counseling sessions nearly every week, some weeks better than others. Tonight's session went well. I think they go better if I have specific topics in mind to talk about,as I did tonight. Lyenna has helped me through some pretty tough times over the past year. I'm grateful for her help.

My church family is becoming more important to me. I'm active with the quilters group, my Sunday school class and the new widows/widowers group our pastor created this fall.

I've made several purchases which have made life much easier. First, new gutters on the house with leaf guards. Now when it rains, it no longer creates a waterfall on the front porch, something which vexed Michael to no end. Secondly, a long-arm quilting machine - an Avante 18 from Handiquilter. I'm still getting used to it and constantly marvel at how fast I can quilt. Several of my friends have been over for a "test drive". Look out flimsies! And last but, not least, a new car - a 2012 VW Beetle - bright red and oh so fun to drive. I did need new gutters on the house and I did need a new car. But the Avante? Need had nothing to do with it! LOL Neither does my continuing bad habit of purchasing fabric. Somethings never change, dear friends.

That's it for the big purchases, but Christmas is coming. No doubt the holidays are going to be tough. But, as I told my friend Diane this morning, I don't have to make that bloody awful Christmas cake this year. Michael was the only one who ate the thing. We're going to use the money we normally spent on Michael to purchase things for families at our church who otherwise wouldn't have a decent Christmas for their children. He would have liked knowing that.

So, I hope to post more often to keep you all apprised of my quilting adventures, friends, family and my new life.

Love ya,


Jennifer said...

Good to hear from you Cathy. Hope you enjoy all your new toys!

Moneik said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! I've missed your witty posts. So excited you got a few fun things for yourself. I'm sure you'll enjoy the Avante! My dad's bought several new guns since my mom's been gone.