Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving Chaos

Danny arrived home for the holiday and brought my grand-dog, Luka, with him. Luka's a beautiful white Alaskan Huskie, with bright blue eyes and a sort of dumb expression. Andrea says he looks like he's stoned all the time.

The kittens hide when Luka visits, which was a real problem last summer when Danny lived with us for a few months. Both of them lost weight since they were too frightened to get near their food dish. Andrea's French bulldog puppy, Emma, adores Luka and they played well together until last night. Andrea and I had to separate them several times when their "play" got too rough and we were afraid somebody was going to get hurt.

Danny went out with some friends last night and I have no clue what time he got home. All I know is that at 3:30 this morning I heard scratching noises on my bedroom door and a soft whine. Yep, Luka wanted out, so I opened the back door and he ran out - must have been busting. A few minutes later, I opened the door, no Luka. Have you ever gone outside at 3:30 am wearing nothing but a bathrobe, jammies and pink muffy slippers when the wind is blowing cold? Finally, Luka decided he had enough of the back yard and bolted back into the house. Took me a while, but I eventually got back to sleep. Six am came too soon today.

The kids and I are going to my brother's home for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I'm grateful for that. Andrea fusses that my sister-in-love cooks weird and she will miss her traditional Thanksgiving meal. I promised her if she was at all disappointed, I will make our usual holiday dinner later. My contributions to the meal are the pumpkin pies and the green bean casserole, so she'll have at least those items to tempt her.

Loads of things to be thankful for this year. Despite losing Michael, there are so many, many positive things all around us. And that, dear friends, is what I want to remember and celebrate tomorrow.

I wish you all health, happiness and togetherness every day, but especially tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Love ya,

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