Monday, August 11, 2008

Essentials for Quilting/Sewing Studios

Absolutely adore the Stash Pot Pie class I'm taking one Saturday each month. We discuss stash organization, techniques and have an assigned quilt top to complete. Every class, I learn some thing - sometimes small, other times big. Saturday's class was no exception. I learned I was using the seam ripper incorrectly. I was picking out stitches one stitch at a time. Talk about an a ha moment and did I EVER feel stupid. We talked about the tools/essentials one needed for a basic quilting studio. Jan, the shop owner, had a list from one of her magazines and she had samples of each item on a table in the classroom. There were very few I didn't already own, but could easily see the sense in having. (Hence the needle threader purchase after class.) One gadget I have that was NOT on the list was my sidewinder - bobbin winder. I'd lose my mind if I didn't have that thing. The question for you all is this: Other than the machine, fabric, thread, cutting mat and rotary cutter, what item(s) do you think are essential for a well-supplied home quilting studio?

I'll post the article's list tomorrow. (I left it at home, like a complete doofus.)


Not in time for class, mind you. I started far too late and made way, way too many mistakes on this month's assignment. But, I was determined to finish the Star Cats quilt top with the ribbon border and by God, I did!!!!!! Very happy that I chose to complete it as the pattern dictated. The ribbon border really adds to it. If I think of it, I'll have DH take a photo of it tonight and a photo of the quilt top I finished for our company's United Way campaign.

Pinch me, I'm dreaming.....

Our weather is absolutely fantastic at the moment; sunny and warm with low humidity and cool at night. Last night I sat on our back patio with my hand sewing for nearly an hour. That's my dream evening; hand sewing and a nice glass of iced tea. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes had their own idea of a dream evening and it involved my arms and face.

School daze

Took Tattoo Boy and Andrea school clothes shopping yesterday. With all the sales and my mother's discount card, I saved $358 over the original prices on our purchases. I spent $313, so I basically got the items at less than half of the original price. Well pleased. I knew Mom's 30+ years at Penney's had to count for something! Thanks, Mom!

Positive thinking needed

or prayer, if you former mother-in-law is in bad shape. She was hospitalized last week with kidney failure. Bad news since she only has one kidney after a bout with cancer twenty years ago.

Keep stitchin'!


jillquilts said...

Quite a few things actually! A table extender for my machine to give me extra space to slid my fabric on. The side winder. A mascara wand to clean out the machine. An Ott light - always need extra light! And until I got Lenny and Squiggy, I wouldn't have thought that a machine and frame were essentials, but now, I wholeheartedly believe that they are!!

Did you and Judy pick up extra patterns for me from class since I was gone? :)

Amelia said...

My thoughts...straight pins and a variety of rulers...