Monday, August 25, 2008

Productive Weekend

Seems like I got a lot done this weekend. I finished the binding on two quilts and pieced 32 blocks for the strip happy quilt. Also got the sewing room tidied up a bit. Between all that, we went to the Heritage Festival (sweat a lot there!), dinner at Martin and Bev's, a trip to the new model train layout in West Chester, and school supplies shopping.

Whale of a thunderstorm went through last night dumping some much-needed rain on our poor parched lawn.

Whilst finishing the binding on Turquoise Geese last night, we watched a film from Netflix - "I Am Legend". That movie must have really bothered me since I had the strangest dream last night about a virus killing half of my family. In my dream, people were dumping all their possessions on the curb and I remember seeing piles of sewing machines everywhere. Weird, eh?

I'm hoping this will be a quiet week both at home and work. Michael needs to visit the dentist again as his crown fell out again. I need to keep reminding myself that it's a three-day weekend coming up!

Keep on stitchin'!

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