Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fiction Vs Non-Fiction in the Quilting World

I've been reading the Elm Creek Quilters books this summer, thoroughly immersing myself in the fictional world of the Bergstrom family and the quilt campers. On more than one occasion, I found myself wishing that such a group existed and how I'd relish the chance to be a part of it despite my sub-par quilting abilities. Then, I started to think. My reality? Thanks to getting acquainted with Jill after a Google search last year, I've joined the local guild, met Jill and a number of her quilting buddies (now my buddies too!), attended a wonderful retreat in April and am now prepping for a Shop Hop with my new-found pals next week. Like the Elm Creek Quilters, my quilting pals are a great group - kind, supportive and fun. Can't ask for any more than that and comes darn close to that fictional world in Elm Creek.

Now, if I could only persuade my spouse that quilting is not so horrible an addiction!

Keep stitchin'!


Karen said...

You are fortunate that you have found such wonderful quilting buddies. I am sure that these ladies and your guild will encourage you to expand your quilting boundaries just as the ladies in the Elm Creek Quilting series do.

jillquilts said...

Cathy!! I am so happy that your found me too! I can't wait for our shop hop! I think that the only thing that would make all of this better is if we had an Elm Creek Manor that we could all gather at to quilt! And stop talking about your sub-par quilting. Your quilts are phenomenal! Jsut AWESOME!

Jen said...

Me too me too me too!!! I LOVE that series, I love the stories of the Bergstroms. I find myself reading them again and again. Now i'm tracking them all down on audio books. I'm sooooo glad I got to meet you in April and I can't wait to see you the next time!