Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Comfort Quilt

One of my co-workers is scheduled to have major spine surgery this Thursday. The surgery is going to take at least six hours and she'll be out of work for possibly four months recuperating. The poor girl is frightened to say the least, but very tired of the constant pain. I had this quilt top done and in my closet for almost two years. I was searching for a quick pattern for her get well gift and re-discovered the top. It seemed appropriate, so I quilted and bound this over the weekend for her. I think she's pleased with the gift. Keep Kathy in your prayers for the next several weeks. She is going to need them.

My reward? One less pending project.

Went to the guild meeting last night, but Jill and I bolted half-way into the event since we both had more pressing issues than to listen to a lecture about applique. I returned home after a pit stop at the grocery store for milk, finished the above-mentioned quilt, and was able to get a few things done at the house before bedtime.

Tonight's going to be just as hectic. Vote, fix dinner, run Andrea to the store. Who has time for sewing? I WILL NEXT WEEK!

In the meantime, I need to figure out what projects are going with me to Kentucky. I may as well take my entire stash. LOL Right, like it would fit in my car. Who are we trying to kid here? I have a couple of Christmas jelly rolls that I know are coming with. Beyond that - nothing is set in stone. One additional task - call AAA and get a Trip Tik.



Jen said...

That isn't your only reward; I'm sure she's very touched that you'd think to give her a quilt.

Oh, forget about calling AAA. Hop online and you can do your trip tick online. Jill knows how to do it too. You can even figure in multiple stops if you have shops you need to stop at!

vtquilter said...

I'll bet she'll love snuggling under that while recovering. Hope her surgery was a success. Have a great trip.