Monday, November 10, 2008

A Very Quilty Weekend

Saturday morning I met Jill and Linda at IHOP for breakfast before our Stash Pot Pie Class at Best Friends. A near tragedy was avoided when the waitress informed us they did indeed have pumpkin pancakes. We did not see them on the special menu and were considering a near riot before the waitress calmed us down! Once I had my fill of pumpkin, it was on to Best Friends.

There weren't too many people who completed the assignment for October, but as always, I was amazed by others' choice of colours, fabrics and how the patterns are "adjusted". Mine was not completed - still needs the borders sewn on. I did bring a show and tell though and Linda asked me to post a photo:

The assignment for December is a big block quilt - it looks perfect to use for all the railroad material I have. So, that is one project that is coming with me to the retreat on Thursday.

Speaking of that, I began to pack up some projects for my four day retreat. I way overpacked for the St. Jude's retreat in April, not knowing how much I was going to complete. Suppose it's better to over pack, over-estimate what you can get done vs. doing the opposite. I'm going to Joann's on my lunch hour since all their thread is 50 percent off - I'm almost out of neutral thread for piecing.

The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful except for our dishwasher deciding to die. Michael's repaired the thing twice and we think the electronics are shot, so we went to Home Depot armed with a coupon and found a discounted floor model. I hope Mr. Michael can get the new dishwasher installed this afternoon. I didn't get much sewing done on Sunday since I struggled with a migraine most of the day. It didn't disappear until after dinner and then I got some work done on the quilt on my frame. If I would have had one more hour of weekend, I could have finished it!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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LindaS said...

Thanks for posting the gorgeous Halloween quilt! I'll happily share pumpkin pancakes with you anytime.