Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!!

You obviously CANNOT tell that I'm happy the weekend is here. Phew! Tough week at work, especially since I was suffering from quilting withdrawals most of other time.

I finished the turkey wall hanging and it's now proudly displayed in my breakfast nook. During the football game last night I got about 1/2 of the binding done on the Thimbleberries Big Blocks that I'm giving to my friend in Atlanta for Christmas. This weekend I HAVE TO finish some quilted hot pads for my mom to give to her friends for Christmas. I've been putting that project off for some time and mom will be here next week. They should be easy though.

Purchased the backing for my brother's gift, so that should go on the frame soon. Debating on how to quilt it - to stipple or not to stipple - that is the question. (Groan!)

Tattoo Boy has moved back into the house. It's truly amazing - he lets me know when to expect him, says thank you for stuff, picks up around the house...... Doesn't seem like this is the angry young man who stormed out of the house two years ago protesting that he didn't want to follow guidelines of common courtesy.

On the teen girlie front: She's mad at me. I wouldn't let her go to the theatre at midnight last night to see "Twilight". I am probably the ONLY mother in the country who refused. What is it with kids and these movies that they HAVE to see it the minute it's released?

I forced Michael to see the doctor yesterday since he's tired all the time and coughs a lot. They want to put him through a sleep study and did blood work on him to rule out anemia. He's still grumpy that I made him go. And he's irritated that I made an appointment to have our carpets cleaned. They'll just get messed up again, is his statement and it's waste of money. I think he'd rather point out the dirty spots to my mother and make me look like the world's worst housekeeper. He said houses in England go 20+ years without getting the carpets cleaned. Perhaps those are the homes on "How Clean Is Your House?".......?

Going to meet Jill and Linda tonight for dinner and then we have a class at Best Friends. I'll get home around 9:30ish. Long day, but I'll certainly enjoy the latter bit.


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Gina said...

He's lying. I have my carpet cleaned every year.

Love and hugs gina xxx