Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Upon initial thoughts - I didn't think that I had done a great deal over the weekend. Then I got to thinking........

Friday night was spent in class at Best Friends where I ironed and cut fabric from 6:30 to 9. Loads of pieces in Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin and I'm still not completely done cutting. I bought some ZipLock bags to store all the pieces until they're sewn into the blocks. Friday was a long day since I didn't return home until 9:45. It was fun though and I got to enjoy a nice bowl of soup at Panera's with Jill and Linda.

Got my hair cut on Saturday morning, made the Thanksgiving grocery list up, sorted through coupons and wrestled my family into the car for lunch at Bob Evans before heading to Biggs for the shopping expedition of the year. It's my theory that one should NEVER grocery shop on an empty stomach! Especially with Michael! Once the shopping was done, we headed home since Andrea was to meet a friend and see "Twilight". After everything was put away, I went back out into the fray and got some Christmas shopping done at Penney's. Michael is now officially bought for! As for the kids - I have some ideas for Andrea. Danny, I may end up just giving him a check. I was on my way home when the cell phone rang, it was Michael. Even with all the groceries we bought, we were out of onions! So I ran into Biggs again! I'm certain I'll be there again tomorrow!

I tried a new service time at church on Sunday. Definitely like it - it's a blend of traditional and contemporary worship. May choose 9:30 as service time from now on. The congregation started its annual drive to help needy families at Christmas and I chose a gift for a 10-year-old girl. Andrea promised to help me select a "cool" Barbie and some clothing for the doll. When I told Michael about it, he got all choked up. He obviously was touched that we're helping this little girl have a brighter Christmas. Good thing I didn't tell him about taking a gift idea from the Wish Tree at work too or else the man would have been sobbing! LOL.

Got a couple of the oven pads done for Mom before I ran out of InsulBright. Joann's in Loveland didn't have any nor did Hancock. I'll try the Joann's close to my office at lunchtime today. If that fails, I'll head to Hobby Lobby tonight, which is where I bought the first batch. I also finished the Big Block Quilt for my Atlanta friend. That will be mailed soon.

Michael accompanied me to Fabric Shack in the afternoon on Sunday. Purchased the backing, borders for three of the quilts I pieced during the retreat. Also found some marvelous red, green and white variegated thread.

So, that's the story of my weekend. I'm really looking forward to seeing my Mom and her husband in several days. Just wish we had a nicer bedroom for them, but Andrea is making a tremendous effort to tidy her room. She doesn't mind sleeping in the family room for a couple of days. Mom wants to shop at Hobby Lobby whilst she's here. I'm surprised she wants to shop at all since she really doesn't like shopping in crowded stores. My brother and his family will stop by as well for dessert on Thursday. Thanksgiving is certainly one of my favorite holidays - it's all about celebrating and being thankful for all that is good and beautiful in our lives. No matter what, there is always something for which to be grateful.


LindaS said...

This was a superb post. I enjoyed spending some time with you and the rest of your weekend sure sounded productive! Your husband sounds like a sweetie. Enjoy your family and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Gina said...

When you sit down and think isn't it amazing how much you get done.

The one rule I have is that I NEVER EVER take Mal food shopping with me if he's hungry. My bill will go up by at least £50.

Love an dhugs Gina xxx