Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crime and Discussion

I had to commit a crime to get to work today. No, not the typical speeding down I-75. I forgot my corporate ID. Another employee was kind of enough to let me into the building, but then insisted he "escort" me to the security desk. WHAT? I've worked here for nearly ten years and this is the first time I forgot my ID. Did that warrant being treated like a criminal? OK, got to the security desk and the guard asked me to sign in and show my driver's license. Whilst digging through my purse for my wallet to produce requested license, I found my corporate badge. Phew! I'd been paroled! It was so embarrassing and pretty stupid of me.

That's what I get for leaving the house in a hurry. I was so busy getting dinner in the crock pot, starting a load of laundry and trying to track down Milly; finding and putting on my badge kinda got forgotten.

Ever read a book and you can't get the story out of your head? I'm reading "When I Lay My Isaac Down" by Carol Kent. It's extremely powerful stuff and I'd recommend it. Carol's only son was found guilty of first degree murder. In this book, she outlines the emotions and difficulty in giving it all to God - her dreams for not only herself, but her much-loved son and family. While I could not imagine going through Carol's heartache, much of what she outlines is applicable when you're faced with a major life crisis/challenge. Inspirational stuff and it'll be made even better next month when Carol lectures at our church.

The importance of prayer: It's something I don't do enough. It gets lost in the shuffle of daily activities. One "Guideposts" reader suggested praying during red lights and traffic jams. Excellent not only for improving prayer life, but also reducing road rage. I tried it last night and found myself chatting with God long after the red light turned green. And it felt GREAT!

Unfortunately, the holiday weekend is now just a memory. A good one. Andrea and I got some additional bonding time in by shopping at the outlet mall, Joanns, Half-Price Books, Panera's for breakfast, etc. Michael didn't go with us very much - difficult for him to get in and out of the car. Saturday night we purchased "Stardust" at Walmart and had family movie night. It's an enjoyable film- one of the rare ones that all of us like. Only $7.50 - great buy!

Michael had another spell where he feels like he's drowning - he gasps for air, yet it doesn't hit his scarred lungs. I've become quite adept at dispensing morphine - that seems to be the only thing that jolts him out of these episodes. These events are happening more frequently.

I pieced two more quilt tops and some placemats. The Go Cutter is an absolute God-send! It took me less than 20 minutes to cut the fabric for those projects. I agonized over purchasing the thing since it was expensive. The more I use it, the happier I am that I spent the money for it.

Keep my nephew Wesley in your prayers today. He's trying out for the lead in the school musical. Wes has practiced all summer for this part and he's quite determined.

Love ya,

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Anonymous said...

Oh my yes, I was that way when I read Phantom.. I still consider it to be my favorite book of all time (second to the bible & Big Book). I got so lost in the story my mind easily visualized the characters.

I pray to God in snippets sometimes as it's all my brain fog can do some days. From my work chair to the washer, while pee'ing (i know right, the visual.. don't go there), in the car, watching the dogs sleep. He hears you, I promise.

You are a courages lady!! Truly you are. To know your husbands health is in our makers hands and to watch the changes happening daily, you are a tough cookie. My hat is off to you and my prayers include you both. Hugs to you. Tammy