Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Good Week

Thursday is usually my favorite day of the week. Odd, huh? I think of it this way: the entire weekend is in site and I've successfully navigated through three work days without creating too much chaos.

This week's been a bit different. Andrea and I attended a luau at church on Tuesday night. Great food, wonderful friends, loving family and a fantastic message to "lei" your burdens down. The program also showcased some upcoming events in our church's women's studies program for the fall.

I usually don't leave the office for lunch, but on Monday, I met Linda at IHOP. It's always good to reconnect with her. We e-mail and phone - honestly good stuff - I just prefer the face-to-face time with my loving friends. And Monday's lunch was no different. Linda's courage and strength are amazing. And her enabling skills are pretty fantastic, too! She told me about a going-out-of fabric sale in Hamilton which I HAD to check out before going home that night. Thank you, Linda! I added 33 yards of fabric to my stash for $80 - all wonderful, shop quality stuff.

Andrea, Michael and I had dinner out at Penn Station last night - something we're doing less frequently since it's difficult for Michael to get in and out of the car. After we took Michael home, Andrea and I searched the shelves at Half Price Books. Somehow, Andrea always manages to find something. Me? I have far too much sewing to get done to pick up new books. I haven't read the last two books I bought.

Milly decided to spend some time in the sewing room last night. Once she discovered how much fun it was to claw the flimsy draped on the frame, I had to "escort" her out of the room. What is it with cats and fabric anyways? Smudge always loved to lay on fabric and Milly's doing the same. I gave her a couple of scraps to play with-kept her entertained for two seconds. A long thread on the floor was vastly more fun. So was dodging between the boxes and storage containers underneath the frame and sewing table.

Not much planned for the weekend. Andrea and I want to hit the sale at Joann's to pick up Eeyore fabric for a lap quilt she wants and a few other odds and ends. Perhaps breakfast at Panera's for us girls on Saturday morning. A friend from Columbus may be visiting either Sunday or Monday (plans need to be finalized). One thing's for certain: sewing. The craft fair is only three weeks away and we need more merchandise.

I wish you all a fantastic, restful Labor Day weekend.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

33 yards of fabric!!! Heaven on earth right there. Good to here you had a nice visit at the IHOP. I still love the IHOP after all these years. Tammy

Linda and Piwacket said...

We're so blessed to have each other, Cathy! It was wonderful seeing you. You're a lady of great wisdom and humor.