Friday, February 10, 2012

Dodging the Snow

We're supposed to get the biggest snowfall of the winter between tonight and tomorrow. If it's timed the way the weather guessers claim, the roads will still be just wet during evening rush hour. But, being the big snow chicken that I am, I'm headed to the grocery store at lunch time to get a few essentials - one of which is cat chow. Once I've had my counseling session tonight, that's it for my travels until Sunday morning.

Ah, a whole day in the house with loads of sewing to finish. Won't be spending my entire day in the sewing room - there's still laundry to do, cleaning, dogs to walk, and perhaps a decent movie or two to watch on television. I quilted the Pampered Pooches kit last night and got the binding attached - great to work on binding whilst watching a decent film.

Andrea returns home on Sunday afternoon. She phoned last night and sounded a lot more chipper, but she's still anxious to return home.

One of the tasks which Andrea instructed me to do whilst she's gone: make sure her snake has water. Danny, fortunately, took care of that for me on Sunday and Monday. Last night I had trouble latching the lid on top of the snake's enclosure. I had visions of that ball python escaping and crawling all over the house. EW! Finally figured out the latch. Done! In reality, Andrea said, that snake would probably never, ever leave the enclosure. He's a baby, she reported, and hides under his rock all the time. Well, he's not a very pretty baby.

Love ya,

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