Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Just out of curiosity, I made a list of the quilts I have in my sewing room which are actively being worked on. TEN!!!! Well, they are at various stages of development - one, for instance, is just the pattern with its fabric sitting in a shopping bag. Another, was quilted last night and just needs the binding attached.

It made me realize that I like every stage of creating a quilt. When I first started quilting I detested doing the binding because I wasn't taught the correct way. I learned by watching other quilters and reading quilt magazines.

So, here's what's "cooking" in the sewing room:

- Betty Boop comfort quilt - binding
- baby quilt for co-worker - ordered the fabric this morning from Connecting Threads
- graduation quilts for twin nephews - have seven blocks done for one, the pattern picked out for the other, fabric in bag from Joann's
- wedding quilt for late June wedding in England - fabric and pattern in shopping bag
- 1600 quilt - jelly rolls at the ready
- pampered pooches - ordered the back this morning from Connecting Threads
- Civil War reproduction fabrics layer cake quilt - pieced and ready for frame
- snowball quilt - waiting, rather impatiently, for the Groovy Boards to get here before putting it on the frame
- Sunshine and Shadows - need to select border fabric
- 10 minute blocks - needs sashings and borders

That's just the current projects,folks, doesn't count the flimsies in the tote by the frame. I'd like to think I have a "handle" on all this. LOL Well, today is the first of February. Let's see if I can get 50 percent of these completed by the end of the month.

Doable? Yes. Just keep me out of the fabric shops.

Love ya,

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Jennifer said...

Sounds a lot like my sewing room! Good luck with your goal!