Friday, February 17, 2012

Mid February Report

We're a bit beyond the mid-point of the month and it's looking real good to reach my goal of five projects finished by February 29. The Betty Boop quilt has been delivered. Pampered Pooches and the 10-Minute Blocks quilts are in the binding stage. The 1600 quilt is ready to be loaded onto the frame. I'm hoping to get the baby girl quilt at least pieced this weekend.

I really need to get my camera back from my daughter so I can take photos of all these items and post them here.

Bought myself some flowers to brighten up the kitchen on Valentine's Day. It never dawned on me that Andrea would purchase some as well as a present. We have two lovely bouquets in the kitchen at the moment. Andrea was far too generous to me for Valentine's Day - a gift bag of body lotion, candy, a necklace, a card and the flowers. Don't doubt for a minute how much my darling girl loves me.

My counseling appointment for tonight was cancelled. Not too bothered about it since I really don't have much to discuss tonight. I usually get more out of it if I have something specific to talk about and plan ahead of time. Things have been going pretty well for me emotionally this week. It's odd how some days/weeks are better than others. I still find it difficult to get out of bed every morning when the alarm goes off. This does create some problems since I am late for work at times. Is it any wonder I crave my sleep-in Saturdays?

I've been following the posts from Judy L's sewing retreat. It seems like decades since I've attended a retreat and that's not right since I enjoy getting away for a weekend of constant sewing, gabbing, eating, etc. Can anyone suggest a good retreat? My guild offers them, but I think the next one is booked solid. I went to the retreat Jill's sorority sponsored - not sure they even host that anymore. That retreat was such fun since a lot of "peeps" attended.

I'll leave you all with a big ol' TGIF!

Love ya,


Regina said...

I was just lamenting lack of retreat opportunities -I got the email about the sorority retreat but I will be in SC that weekend, and am not sure my car would survive the trip to OH again anyway - or that I would survive the solo drive again. I flew to Cincy for the quilt show last year, but flying for a retreat is not as practical -hard to bring all those projects. It was great fun -and such a nice facility for that type of thing.

Jennifer said...

Look forward to seeing your pictures when you get the camera back. I did get the email about the sorority retreat but am not going this year. There is a fun one in Shipshewana this fall - let me know if you're interested and I will send you the info.