Friday, February 24, 2012

Relations With England

Last week when I chatted with Martin, I mentioned I'd like to hear from Michael's children more often. "Do you contact then?" he asked. No, I've been very remiss about that. I sent a lengthy e-mail to Leah, Michael's oldest daughter that night.

Got a lovely response yesterday. Leah has re-married and is expecting a baby on July 3. She and her husband sleep every night under the quilt I made for her several years ago and they adore it. Each of Michael's children, she reported, think of me often and lovingly refer to me as their step-mum. When they get together as a family, they ask who has heard from me and they share their news.

All of this made me happy. I was beginning to think the four siblings had basically "written me out"of their lives. Not true. If I'm to hear from them more often, they have to hear from me.

I asked Leah if there was anything I could do for her or the other three. She replied she really would like some of my pumpkin muffins.

Sounds like a baked care package is in the cards. And another baby quilt.

Love ya,

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