Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Weekend

First, I finished the Betty Boop quilt and it's now on its way to Atlanta. It's intended recipient is scheduled for lung surgery tomorrow. Package supposed to arrive today.

Andrea travelled to Florida on Saturday evening. She phoned me Sunday morning and let me listen to the ocean over the phone. What cheek! I sure hope she has a great time with her grandparents this week.

Once Andrea was on her way, I worked on the 1600 quilt with two half-used scrap jelly rolls. I'm still in shock at completing something like that in less than 40 minutes. The leader of our quilting group at church also told me that the 1600 quilt is the "surprise" quilt we're working on in April. The group was told to just bring a jelly roll. I'll keep it "secret". LOL I sure won't mind making another one. They're quick, easy and it would make a great comfort quilt for somebody.

Yesterday after church, my friend Diane and I had lunch at Bob Evans, shopped at Charming Charlie's and went to the theatre to see "The Iron Lady". Well-done movie, but a bit odd how it hopped around from past events to today. Meryl Streep did an outstanding job with the acting.

Then, I drove to Clifton, picked up Danny, came home, finished preparing a taco dip and the two of us went to a friend's house for a Super Bowl party. Loads of good food, drink and fun to watch the game and commercials with a group. I didn't give a hoot as to who won the game, but it was a good one.

One thing I discovered on Saturday: The backing fabric for the Pampered Pooches quilt was already in my kit box. I ordered three and a half yards of the same fabric on Friday, not remembering that I already had it! Duh, moment. I'm sure to find another use for it though.

I read an article in one of the quilt magazines about clearing out the sewing room. My stash bins are ripe for a ruthless clear out....perhaps a good idea to get that accomplished before the International Quilt Show in April.

Love ya,

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Jennifer said...

The 1600 quilts are fun - if you want to add a little pop, you can put a 1.5"x2.5" rectangle between each strip when you first join them - it gives it a nice spark. Have fun cleaning out your sewing room!