Monday, January 30, 2012


Managed to spend a lot of quality time in the sewing room this weekend. I finished piecing the Betty Boop comfort quilt, created six 10-Minute Blocks for myself, pieced ten more 10-Minute Blocks with five inch squares - scarlet and grey - for my nephew's graduation quilt, and read on line about the 1600 quilts. That last idea is rather intriguing and I made give it a go soon But first I need to get some things quilted on the frame. As soon as payday arrives (tomorrow) I can purchase the backing for the comfort quilts I'm working on.

After church yesterday, my brother and sister-in-love invited me to accompany them to Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati. It was lovely walking around and looking at all the plants and flowers. Inspired me to come home and water my poor excuses for plants. LOL. Not really, but it was neat to see the conservatory's angel wing begonias looking worse than mine. My angel wings get battered around on a regular basis by the kitties.

As a special treat, I made a turkey breast with stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy and brussel sprouts for dinner yesterday. Andrea was ga-ga. "Best meal, we've had in a long time," she claimed. Lots of left-over turkey, so we'll have turkey tettrazini for dinner tonight. It is kind of hard to learn to cook for just the two of us. And I'll be honest, we probably have gone out to eat more often than we should have since Michael died. Slowly, but surely though, I'm cooking more. I made a chocolate pudding cake last week - one of my Weight Watchers recipes - and it lasted a week.

Speaking of Michael, the oddest thing happened to me yesterday while I was on Facebook. I was reading the comments from other folks on the main page, when all of a sudden Michael's name popped up - like I was receiving an instant message. But there was no message - just his name.

I was on You Tube for a bit on Saturday night - watched some of Michael's recordings - just to hear his voice again. When he made those videos I really did not like them - they sounded too negative to me. But now, I'm glad they're there, if anything just to hear him again. He had a lovely voice before pulmonary fibrosis destroyed his lung capacity. He used to phone me at work and I'd put him on speaker phone just so my friends could hear him too. Nice memory.

Love ya,

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