Friday, January 6, 2012

Dilemma Update

I e-mailed HQ and was told there is no backlog on most of their Groovy Boards and certainly no back log since September. OK- so I e-mailed the shop in Columbus again and the owner finally e-mailed me back. Oh, my word, was he ever angry. Told me that somebody at HQ was going to lose their job and accused me of questioning his integrity. I don't know what or whom to believe now.

What I do know is that I will NEVER, EVER order another thing from this shop in Columbus. I've never had this bad of an experience with any other merchant. Even Sears was better than this with the washing machine issues we had several years ago.

And it goes to show you that not everybody in the quilting industry is a nice person.

Love ya,


Regina said...

Oh wow -sounds like this guy is way way way out of line, and way way way lacking in customer service skills. I hope it is resolved soon so you have your parts and don't have to deal with him anymore.

Jennifer said...

What a mess! I hope it gets straightened out soon so you can move on. P.S. I have a good dealer if you need support in the future.

The Calico Cat said...

My husband & I were just discussing our desire to support local businesses, but finding it easier to deal with large businesses or on-line small businesses.

Seriously, my LQS has a lot (A LOT) of Kona solids. Have they ever had the color that I want (when I want a specific color)? No. Are they willing to order it, No. So I go home & have no less that 3 shops off the top of my head that will have it or will order it...

& Then there is the other LQS that stocks fabric that makes the old Joanns stuff look good. So sad.