Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Being Sick Sucks

I brought home some cruddy virus from England and had to see the doctor yesterday since I obviously wasn't able to beat the stupid thing without antibiotics. Royally ticked since this is cutting into valuable quilting time and I missed the guild meeting last night! GRRRRR! My desk is buried at the office, but I'll get to it eventually; I'm not busting any speed limits today.

One good thing about it, I was able to finish our taxes yesterday since I figured even with a foggy brain I could navigate Turbo Tax.

Over the weekend, I finished piecing the top for the next homework assignment for Stash Pot Pie this Saturday. I've been cutting five inch squares - anything that's left over or less than a fat quarter is meeting with the rotary cutter for this. I'd like nothing better than to get a Nickel Quilt top pieced during the retreat in less than two weeks. Andrea informed me of her colour choices for the quilt she wants. Not really keen on her choices, but hey, it's her quilt.


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