Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happily Back Home!

Hey all,
We returned home from England on Tuesday morning. A bit of a delay thanks to a cancelled flight in Philadelphia, so we got a night in a hotel thanks to US Air.

Our visit was great with Michael's family, but I'm glad we only stayed for the nine days. The wedding went well and the newlyweds are currently in Scotland on their honeymoon.

I must admit our stay has given me a new-found appreciation for my home and furnace! LOL! It was cold, rainy and windy nearly every day we were in England. In fact, Manchester airport was closed when we arrived on Easter morning because they had a bit of snow that morning. The warmest I got was when we had dinner at a carvery on Saturday night in Lancaster. The morning of the wedding, we awoke to gale force winds and heavy rain. It managed to clear up a bit right before the ceremony.

Leah loved her quilt - the long-delayed Christmas present. As for the bride - I don't know what her reaction was to her quilt or if she's even opened their gifts. Nobody knew.

Discovered two lovely little fabric shops - one in Barrow and the second one in Lancaster called Fabrix. I bought some pieces I didn't think I'd find here and also purchased a couple of quilty magazines.

Managed to get a bit of sewing done yesterday. Michael and I are still jet laggged and suffering from colds his son was kind enought to share with us. Wish now that I had taken the rest of the week off from work, but I'm here at the office and facing mounds of work. My biggest office convinced my assistant to hold back all my work until I returned. Lovely. At least I know I'm wanted.

Talk more later.

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Gina said...

It's always cold up North. You should have come down south with me. It was glorious T Shirt weather.

It's all change now though. Snow tomorrow.

Glad you are back in one piece

love and hugs xxx