Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taking Stock and In Shock!

Once a month, we have these incredibly d-u-l-l medical lectures from our company's medical director. To pass the time and to give me a sense that I'm getting something done, I make lists during the lecture - grocery lists, usually. Well, today, I made a list of the quilt projects I have in various stages. I'm hiding my head in shame!

There are THIRTEEN quilt tops all pieced, with borders that need to be quilted. THIRTEEN!!!! Five more quilts are in the piecing stage. How could I ever get to this point???!!!! I need to finish these items, right? I'm too weak in my resolve to stick to the no-more-fabric-until-I- get-these-done mindset. My new year's resolution to not purchase any more fabric fell by the wayside within six weeks.

Like my husband said, I'm a weak woman when it comes to fabric.

If you read this, take stock of your own project stack. Take heed and avoid my woeful state! LOL Let me know what your project stack is looking like and we can help each other.


Jen said...

Because I'm too lazy to look myself, are you in on our UFO challenge on the Prolific Online Quilters group? If not, you should consider it. There's 7 months to go, you could have seven of them quilted. =) You have a separate machine on your frame right? Why not ALWAYS keep a quilt loaded? Even if you stand there for 15 minutes a day quilting you'll make progress! We're quilters...we ALL have lots of in progress things.

Besides, didn't you say you got that big bolt of batting? Or was that just the box of black?

CatQuilter said...

I got a package of the black batting, but will be ordering a bolt of the white/off white batting very soon! Like your idea of keeping something loaded on the frame at all times - right now, it holds fabric that I've pressed.

Gina said...

I've got all mine listed at the side of my blog. That way I can't 'forget' about them. It's going to be nice to cross them off throughout the year.
I'm on an inforced no buy at the moment as we are saving to have work done on the house.

love and hugs xxx

jillquilts said...

I am going to have to add a list of my projects in their various states to my side bar, too! If only you gals had seen all the projects that Jen saw when she was at my house! I was really hanging my head in shame!

You should join our UFO challenge! Lots of fun!