Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Catching Up.....

Hey all,
Michael and I are feeling much better after visiting our doctor and getting some drugs. I'm still taking an antibiotic for a few more days, but there is absolutely NO comparison to how I feel now vs a week ago.

The Stash Pot Pie class was really enjoyable on Saturday. We had a bit of show and tell, received our new assignment for April and reviewed photos of several classmates' stash and sewing areas. I was brave enough to bring in photos of mine and I was surprised at the reaction they got. My room's in a constant state of near chaos with an occasional clean-up. My classmates said they were impressed with the room and my stash organization???!!!! I guess compared to the other slides that were shown, it was. One gal has a room filled with bags and boxes stuffed with fabric. No organization to it - just piles and piles of fabric. It would be a horribly daunting task to get that sewing room in shape and organized. Our class talked about going as a group to help one person out with their room. That may be on tap for later this year.

Purchased some fabric to make a "Hungry Caterpillar" baby quilt for a friend's new granddaughter. Later in the day, Michael and I were at Hobby Lobby and I found some pieces in the remnant bin that would fit "nicely" into my stash. So, Saturday wasn't completely spent chauffeuring my daughter and her friends to the mall and back.

So, Andrea had a busy weekend with a sleepover, breakfast at IHOP, shopping, etc. Her dad was supposed to come over on Sunday afternoon to treat her to a belated birthday outing. The sorry-excuse-for- a-father never showed up or phoned. He doesn't see her for months - before Tuesday, the last time she saw him was Christmas. Then, he doesn't follow-through with a promise. She clearly was happy to see him on Tuesday, but the crap he pulls is going to sour her relationship with him eventually, if it hasn't already.

Spent a few hours cutting up fabric for Nickel quilts yesterday. I need to read the instructions for the class assignment and figure out what fabric/colour scheme to use. Obviously, I have WAY MORE projects than I need for the retreat this weekend.

AND, FINALLY heard from the bride - she said she loves the quilt.

Have a great Monday everybody!


Amelia said...


Glad you are feeling better now. that being on the "puny" list is no fun.

Have a fun week!

Amelia in Oklahoma

Gina said...

Glad that you are feeling more yourself again.

It's nice that the bride got in touch with you, finally, to say that she liked the quilt.

love and hugs xxx