Monday, April 28, 2008

Crash and other news from the weekend

Some moronic teenaged driver decided to make a road course out of our front lawn and flower bed around the mailbox. He lost control of the car, veered onto our lawn, drove the car between our mailbox and the power pole, wiped out the flower bed, and managed to get his car stuck on top of the boulder that used to sit quite nicely in the middle of the bed. Michael and I had just returned from shopping and were putting away the groceries when we heard the noise. When he saw the results, Michael grabbed his digital camera and told me to phone 911 because it appeared the driver and his companions were attempting to get the boulder from under the car and take off! The car was caved in along the passenger side from scraping against the power pole and its underside was probably damaged from the boulder since they tried to drive back and forth with the boulder under the car. For one, I couldn't believe they were just going to leave! Then the driver started mouthing off to Michael when Michael asked him what happened. He got very agitated when I said the police were called. By the time the police arrived, there was a good crowd of neighbors around and there was no way the driver was going to get away. Two cruisers, two emergency squads and a fire engine arrived on the scene. They cleaned the debris up as best as they could, ticketed the driver, and towed the car away. Sometime today we need to get the policy report and contact the driver's insurance company since there is no way we should have to spend our own time, money and energy fixing up the yard. We are very, very fortunate nothing worse happened.

Well, that was the exciting bit of my weekend. Could have done without it, thank you very much! LOL.

After my "intervention" with the quilt top count last week, I'm intent on getting them completed now. I quilted two projects on the frame this weekend - a baby quilt and a lap quilt. Got the binding in place - now have to hand stitch it. I'm taking Jen's advice and have a quilt on the frame at all times until I get caught up. Ordered the bolt of batting and should have it sometime this week.

We had pizza and beer on Saturday night with some friends. Always enjoy Martin and Bev's company. Martin's awaiting word on the cardiac testing he had done last week and is quite anxious about it. If we were able to take his mind off it for a few minutes by telling stories and laughing then it was time well spent. It was good for me, I know. I was in a c-r-a-p-p-y mood on Saturday starting at weigh in - did not go well (up two pounds!) . But that's my fault for not going to Weight Watchers for six weeks! Somehow I doubt the food from last week's retreat was on points for me either, but I did enjoy it. How come it takes so damned long to lose an ounce? Oh well, back on the treadmill today - been remiss about that as well. I've been stuck around this weight since October, time to do something about it!!!!! There's a family reunion coming up in July and I want to look my best for that since most of the attendees haven't seen me in 15 years. I suppose that's a good incentive.

Have an enjoyable Monday!

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Jen said...

OMG Cathy! I'm glad you guys were home otherwise they would have gotten away somehow. =( At least now the damages can be charged to the correct person. Email me a few pictures!

Wahoo!! I'd leave a quilt in my frame aqll the time but I move my machine back and forth for use. But, I think I only have one of my own ready to quilt right now. With the move it'll have to wait.