Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting Ready For Sunshine

We leave on Saturday for our brief vacation in Florida. With the weather we've had the past month, it will be a pleasure not to have to worry about the forecast and driving for a few days. My nerves are frayed from "fighting" to get home some nights - like last night when I had to keep both hands firmly on the wheel when the wind gusts hit the car.

I pieced a wall hanging on Sunday from the Debbie Mumm fabric I picked up at Joann's. Michael even liked it! Probably won't get around to quilting it until we get home, but that can be my first post-Florida project.

One task that I have to get done is to take my Pfaff to SewEzy for a maintenance check. The feed dogs are not working as well as I'd like and it is time for a check. I figured if I got the machine turned in during lunch hour on Friday, the technician evaluates it on Saturday, the machine will then be OK for me to pick up when I get home. At least that's the plan.

As for my Quilters' Overload Syndrome, I've discovered the symptoms can be masked by cutting and piecing. Sitting and pondering just adds to the disease. As does buying new patterns and magazines. And who knows - the QOS could be completely burned out of my system by the Florida sunshine next week? NAH!!!!!!!!! Not a chance.



jillquilts said...

Putting your hands to work usually does help with the QOS! Have a good time in Florida! Are you planning on hitting any shops? There are some nice ones down there. You are going to the same area where my parents and grandparents live.

Heather said...

Sorry for the impersonal comment, but I thought you’d understand. I see you are a follower of Angie’s blog, Keep Believing. We have set up a way for friends and family to help from a distance. Please check out if you’d like.