Friday, February 27, 2009

New Project Time!

Is there anything more exciting in the quilting world than starting a brand new project? I find it very exciting to take a pattern and somehow make it my own whether it's a massive colour change or positioning the pieces a bit differently than the author intended. And no matter how careful I am in selecting fabric, I'm always, always anxious to see how my choices turn out. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good - that's one reason why I usually make a sample block before chain piecing the entire quilt. I worked on a block last Sunday that looked so awful that when I was halfway through the sewing, I tossed it into the trash! Better to waste 20 minutes than hours, don't you think?

This topic surfaced in my brain last night when I was choosing fabric for a quilt I'm making as a co-worker's wedding gift. I agonized over the colour selection, even though I knew in my mind what I wanted to achieve. And I won't rest easy about my choices until I see a block put together.

I must have taken too long at the shop since my DH and daughter, who were at the Half Price Bookstore, began to text "how much longer" and "it's JUST cloth!" Then when we drove home, darling daughter said, "I can't believe you bought MORE fabric. Didn't you have enough fabric at home already?" Heathens! Don't they know that fondling fabric is close to a religious experience? LOL

So it appears that events have propelled me out of my doldrums or quilter's overload syndrome. I've done a couple of blocks this week for a charity quilt, due on Monday and now I have a deadline of March 28 for the wedding quilt. Deadlines! That's the cure!!!!! And not some arbitrary I "want" to get it done, but honest to God deadlines that events require.

Earlier this week, I did a major clean-up in the sewing room, moved things around and (don't faint) got all my fabric folded and stored. It's as clean and tidy as it's been in a long time and just begging for me to use it this weekend. And mess it up again. It's supposed to be cold and cloudy this weekend and baseball's on the radio again (well, exhibition games ) - sounds like a perfect quilting day to me!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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Piwacket said...

Good for you, Cathy! It's one thing to say you're going to do something and another to actually do it. I commend you for taking positive steps towards curing the "quilter's overload syndrome." And yes, a deadline certainly makes a big difference when it comes to setting a project's priority.