Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hairy Ending

Tattoo Boy got a hair cut! Not just any old trim-off-the-ends cut, but shave- it-all- off and donate it to Locks of Love cut! He got a Mohawk style - still weird - and I'm thrilled.

A bit of history here - Tattoo Boy (aka Danny) decided whilst he was in high school that he wanted to be a rock star drummer. It was part of the whole rebellion thing he was into and has since mostly grown out of. At one point his hair - a beautiful strawberry blond colour, I might add - was down to his waist. His trademark when playing the drums was to twirl his head around and this mass of hair would fly into the air - sort of looked like Cousin It from the old monster television series. I mentioned once or twice that he needed a trim or at least a style to his hair, but that fell on deaf ears. He wouldn't dream of cutting his hair if that's what I thought. After all, what does a mum know and the rest of the world needs to conform to his standards. (LOL) I knew eventually he'd tire of keeping it clean and tangle-free. And that day finally arrived yesterday.

His girlfriend is thrilled, he loves it and I feel a bit of redemption.


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