Monday, February 23, 2009

We're Back!

Michael, Andrea and I had a marvelous time in Florida visiting my mother and her husband. It was great to get some sunshine for five days, swim, learn shuffleboard tactics from the shuffleboard Nazis at the retirement complex, hunt for alligators, and shop a bit.

I purposely planned the trip so I'd have a few days at home before returning to the office. But, I did want to sleep in. Smudge, my cat, had something else in mind when he cried at my bedroom door at 4:30 AM on Friday. Grudgingly, I got out of bed and Smudge was happy. Poor cat is keeping close tabs on me - I guess he missed us.

Once I got Smudge calmed down and Andrea back to school (now, which do you think was the most difficult?) I drove to Sharonville and picked up my sewing machine from its servicing appointment, bought groceries and headed to the new Joann's for their grand opening sale. I got a floor Ott lamp for 50 percent off and a few other bits and bobs. I returned to Joann's on Saturday since I still had a 50 percent off coupon burning a hole in my purse. That was an error - I have never seen such crowds at a fabric store! The check-out line snaked through half the store. Goes to show that the store was badly needed in our area.

Jill and I got together for a few hours on Sunday to chat and sew. I finished a pair of pillowcases and started a block. I tossed the block in the trash - didn't like the colour combination - will start that again tonight. Had a lovely time at Jill's though. It's fun to spoil other people's dogs! Michael fussed at me when I returned home - said something about being a quilting widower! Honestly, this is the first time since November that I've left the house to sew. I wonder how much of a stink he's going to raise when I attend the retreat in April?


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