Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back To Work

Incredible how quickly time flies when you're not at the office! Five days at home with our guests from England flew by way too quickly. I've joked all morning that I had to come back to the office to get some rest - which isn't far from the truth.

Between the shopping, cleaning, cooking for everybody, I'm pooped out. We've been to the flea markets, various stores in the Tri-State area, watched numerous videos, shopped at WalMart (a lot - they love that store for some reason), and just basically visited. Honestly, I will be sad to see them return home on Friday, but I will relish getting back to normal in the Howe household again.

However, I managed to get some sewing done here and there. I pieced a layer cake pattern which turned out really cute - will attempt to get Michael to take a photo of this for me later. Also sewed two pillowcases for Leah to give to Michael's middle daughter who did not make the trip. Not much to show for five days off, but I'm sure you'll understand.

On Monday, I "escaped" from the family for a few hours - big holiday sale at Joann's. I found a fabric mover for my Pfaff - originally priced $499 - I got it for $90! What a screaming bargain!!! I'm anxious to use it for my smaller projects that don't go on the frame.

Get to leave work early again today, but not for fun. My appointment for the ultrasound is this afternoon. I'll leave the office early again on Friday to escort our guests to the airport. Crap, I should have taken the whole week off at this rate!

Miss Andrea has one more week of school until summer break. I'll get a break of sorts also since I won't have to pry her butt out of bed every morning at 6. Tattoo Boy has two more weeks of classes before finals. He's still gimping about on his crutches, but states the ankle is doing better. Both kids need to find summer employment, especially TB with all his school expenses coming up. His original plan was to earn enough money to be able to move into his own place this fall. He hasn't mentioned that at all lately - perhaps he's discovered it's better to stay at home - meals, laundry and rent provided.


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jillquilts said...

Oh, I was bummed to come back to work yesterday! Of course, I stayed home and played with fabric all weekend! Except when I met Linda for lunch at Steak N Shake and then went to meet Maggie! Oh, and JJ broke on Monday evening so I am taking her to Sew Ezy tomorrow and hope to have her back and in tip top shape on Saturday. I hope!