Monday, May 18, 2009

House Guests

Let me start off today's post with a disclaimer: If you want to read about sewing, quilting, finished projects, then stop right here. This is not the post for you. However, if you want to read about the trials, tribulations and happy times of having three house guests for two weeks, read on.....I'll get back to the fabric bits in two weeks, folks.

Leah, Lizzie and Trevor arrived safe and sound on Friday night. Tired, but pleased to be with their dad. They didn't want the breakfast strata I had ready to pop into the oven - said they were not hungry. So Michael and I decided to drive to Wendy's. Trevor and Lizzie went with us and did have something to eat. Leah was bone-tired and stayed home to get a bit extra sleep. So, we had the strata for breakfast on Saturday morning with strawberries and fresh bread. If anything, this is teaching me flexibility.

Our guests were still kinda jet-lagged on Saturday, so we made it an easy day for them. We hit a few garage sales - no purchases, Hobby Lobby (Trevor's favorite US store), the feed store for squirrel corn and then home. Andrea introduced them to our Wii system and most of the afternoon was spent laughing at Trevor attempting to hula hoop on the Wii Fit game.

Leah went to church with me on Sunday morning. The drive to church and back was time for us to chat about Michael without the interruptions we face from others at home. Apparently, Michael asked Leah what he could expect should he return to England. That's been on his mind a lot lately. Leah's a health care worker for elderly shut-ins so she knows a lot about what government programs are out there. He would have a small flat (one bedroom,bathroom, small kitchen and sitting room), a stipend for transportation and disability money each month courtesy of the English government. She told Michael he's far better off here with me in our own home surrounded by his trains, computer and bird feeders. Michael's lack of faith in God, grieves us both. But, as I pointed out to Leah, it's his choice. Unless his heart and mind open up, nothing either of us say or do will convince him otherwise. God certainly gave Michael a big dose of stubborn genes! Later in the day, Michael told everybody he wants his ashes spread over a mountain near where his children live, so his dust will irritate their eyes. I told him there was no way that was going to happen - I was keeping his ashes for the cat's litter box. (not serious, LOL)

Since today is Trevor's birthday, we' re all going out to eat at the Chinese buffet for dinner after I get home from work. Not sure what they have planned whilst I'm at the office, but they're fighting over who gets to cut the grass with the lawn tractor and whack the weeds. Michael will be home around 10:30, so they won't be on their own too long.

Big news: Lizzie has recovered from her broken heart for the most part. She's reconnected with an old boyfriend and they're seeing each other again. Chris is an unpleasant memory for her. She's still very bitter about him, but it's fantastic seeing her happy.

Other news: Jenny, the third daughter and the one who stayed home, had a breast biopsy on Friday. Leah didn't know when the pathology would be available. Jenny apparently was offered the opportunity to fly here with her siblings, but didn't want to leave her partner for two weeks. Worked out OK for us since I really don't know where she could have slept!

The kids took Daisy for a walk in the park for a few hours yesterday after we returned from the flea market. A ha, I thought, here's my chance to get some quilting done. Oops - the girls are using the frame for a clothing rack! I opted to go outside and kill weeds instead.

I am tired this morning after all the dishes, laundry, cooking, driving, etc. I'll soon be OK since I'm taking time off work around the holiday weekend, so it will be a five day break from the office.

AND today at lunch I'm going to the local quilt store to fondle fabric and who knows - may even buy something!



jillquilts said...

You take it easy! Oh, and there is another quilt shop in Fairfield and should be just a bit farther than the new one you went to. It is in the same building that Stitches used to be in in Fairfield on Nilles Rd. There is an Ace Hardware in the same strip mall and it is by the new Taco Bell. Thought you might like to know!

Jen said...

Oh, have I got a story for you regarding ashes.

When my Aunt Karen's husband Dick died she went about scattering his ashes in multiple places.

She went on a cruise with two of her sisters and their husbands. Somewhere along the line Karen mentioned she had ashes with her to sprinkle. They did a bit of an Irish Wake and drank quite a bit and when they were quite drunk they decided to open the package and sprinkle. Now..this group is quite funny. For example my one uncle has an artificial leg. When they were at a wedding together he took off is leg so his other brother in law could run around kicking people in the ass. They let him go, the wind changes directions, he's now plastered to their faces and my uncle Vern says, WOW, I now know what it's like to have a Dick in my face.

CatQuilter said...

OMG, Jen, that story is wild! We scattered my "grandpa" amongst his tomato plants. In life, he always fussed about his garden, so we figured it was the only proper place for him.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

How do you follow a comment after Jen's? Hang tough! You've certainly got your hands full. I'll be praying for his heart and mind to open up! Keep the faith!