Friday, May 15, 2009

Sewing Room Blues

My sewing room is now off limits for the next two weeks. Two of Michael's daughters are using it for their bedroom during their visit. In preparation for this, I moved my Pfaff and sewing desk into our bedroom, so I won't go totally "cold turkey" with the sewing. One unfortunate thing: I have a quilt all locked and loaded on the frame - it'll have to stay there until the end of the month. Michael says I can still work on the frame whilst they're here, but I don't feel a huge degree of comfort working in "their" room. If it were me, I'd feel like my privacy was being invaded.

At this point, Leah, Trevor and Lizzie are two hours east of New York and rapidly winging their way across the Atlantic Ocean. (Delta has a neat web site to watch the plane's actual location.) I have a breakfast casserole all ready to pop into the oven for a late dinner along with a fresh loaf of bread and strawberries once we bring them home from the airport. I have the meals planned for the first several days, but knowing Michael - he will alter the plans despite my protests.

I managed to finish the Patriotic Cat (Turning 20) quilt last night. Very happy how it turned out. We'll see about posting a photo this weekend. And it's one less flimsy!!!!

A few days ago, I picked up the Bento Box quilt pattern at the new quilt/fabric store that opened up not far from my office. One I loves that pattern and told me how she pieces it -most curious now to see if the pattern and One I's methods are the same.

I'm planning on completing the top of Andrea's quilt in the next few days - remember it's the black and white squares I worked on at the retreat.

Yesterday I got a brochure in the mail from Accuquilt. It's definitely intriguing, but holy crap - those machines are expensive. Somehow I don't think I can ever quilt fast enough to make purchasing even an Accuquilt Go! worth my money. Maybe if I come into an unexpected windfall..... LOL that's NEVER going to happen!

It's rained so hard the last several days, our poor house gutters couldn't keep up with the flow. Can't fault them for it - they're clogged with maple tree seeds and oak tree gunk (proper biological term here folks!) As a result, water leaked into the corridor between the house and garage. Next dry stretch, Tattoo Boy and I are going up the ladders to clean the gutters of all that debris from the trees and assess the state of the gutters. We suspect there are a lot of bad spots (rust holes) throughout the system, so we may be looking at replacing the whole lot of them this summer. Good project to help me keep fit, don't you think?

Have a great weekend!


Jen said...

Hopefully you won't go insane. My fingers are crosseded that their visit is drama free. You never kbow, they may be fascinated by your set up enough to see it in action for a few minutes.

QuiltingB29 said...

Just think ... if you got the Accuquilt, you could have the next show 'n' tell!

Piwacket said...

What quilting store? Not that I should really know. And Cathy, I do think you should quilt on your frame while they're there. They might find that fascinating if they've never done it. Give them a little tutorial and have them do a row or two. They might appreciate being part of your world. Remember that you have a safe haven here if you just need a break from the family for awhile, and I'm right up the street from your office.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'll be interested to hear how your pattern says to do it, too! Let me know when you get things back to normal...ha! What's normal? Take care of yourself, too!