Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tattoo Boy

Poor Tattoo Boy! During sparring at Tae Kwon Do last night he came down hard on his "good" ankle. Thinking it could have been broken, I drove him to Urgent Care last night. Fortunately, it's only a severe sprain.

I'm in an excellent mood today - this is the last working day for me until next Wednesday. Loads of chores to run tomorrow morning - appointment with my counselor, need my blood tested (more about that in the next paragraph), pick up doctor's forms for Andrea's work permit. Then, I want to relax and perhaps, just perhaps get some sewing done in between activities with our guests.

Went to the GYN yesterday - need some blood tests run to check on my thyroid and some female stuff. Next week I get the pleasure of having an internal ultrasound (ugh!) and then we're scheduling a D&C. Depending on the biopsy/cell changes from that -perhaps a hysterectomy. Honestly, that won't bother me. Don't need that plumbing anymore, if you catch my drift.....LOL.

I finished the binding on a small wallhanging last night before the mad dash to the urgent care place. Brought it into work to hang on the outside of my cubicle. A lot of my co-workers have threatened to "steal" it.

Our company seems to be enjoying themselves - walks in the park, yard work around our house, reading, playing Wii games, etc. Since Michael and I are both off work until Wednesday, we'll get some other things done - not sure what yet. They do not want to go to King's Island. That's all I know at this point. It's wonderful to talk with Leah - she knows her dad very well and is a good listener. Plus, she shares my views on faith.

I think a trip to the LQS is in order for lunchtime today.


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