Thursday, May 7, 2009


Went to the dentist yesterday to get a cracked tooth repaired. Need I say more? Just keep your fingers crossed that the repair-job does its work and I don't need to return for a root canal and crown ($$$$$$).

I've accomplished precious little in the sewing room this week - snatching a "go" on the frame whenever I have a few minutes to spare. Had planned on getting a sizable amount of time in last night, but my schedule went like this:

3:30 to 5 pm - torture session at the dentist
5-5:15 - drive home with the left side of my mouth drooping to the floor
5:15 - 5:30 - listen to whiney hiney husband and DD moan about my choice of spaghetti for dinner. They want General Tso's chicken from Chinese take out.
5:30 - cave into family's demands, phoned in order
5:30-6:00 - drive to pharmacy to pick up industrial sized bottle of Advil for afore-mentioned torture session's residuals and picked up dinner
6 - 6:45 - eat dinner, fix poor neglected spouse a cup of tea, clean up carpet stain from spilled cup of tea
6:45 - 8 - drive to gym with DD and work out (aka practicing my sweating skills)
8-9 - badger, pester, prod DD into collecting her dirty laundry, fold towels, start washing, tidy up kitchen from Chinese pig-out
9-9:10- sew one row on quilt frame
9:10-10 -continue laundry
10 - take four Advil and go to bed

There's no hope for this evening to be any better. My mom and her husband will be here tomorrow afternoon and will be sleeping in Miss Pig's (Andrea's) bedroom this weekend. Hence my need for cattle prod to get Miss Andrea practicing her cleaning skills TONITE! Marcus the pet rat will have to enjoy his new digs in the garage for the weekend as I'm certain Grammy does not want to see him. There's sweeping, dusting, etc to be done all over the house and the last of the post-floor clean-up remains to be done. No sewing for this bad girl this evening.

Oh and don't forget, spaghetti for dinner.

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