Monday, December 7, 2009

Still Shaking

We had our first snowfall of the season this morning in southwestern Ohio - naturally it happened during morning rush hour. I managed fine until I reached the industrial park area near my office when the car hit ice and spun me around in the opposite direction. Thank the Lord there wasn't another car close on the left side! I managed to gather my wits, drive into a parking lot near by and just sit for a few minutes. By that time, I wasn't the only one spinning and sliding, so traffic came to a crawl. Bravely, I pulled into the road again at a pace less than a crawl - my momma didn't raise no dummy. Made it to the office OK. Phew!

My company cannot get remote work sites up and running fast enough.

Before all that happened, my sole topic was going to be productivity since I did have a great weekend in the sewing room. Here's what I accomplished:

-finished the binding on mom's quilt
-quilted, bound and attached a hanging sleeve to "I Believe" wall quilt
-attached hanging sleeves to two other wall hangings
-created 15 lined wine bottle holders

Andrea was fretting about not having much money and needing to buy gifts for half of the known world - yes I'm stretching the truth here. I offered to quilt one of the flimsies I have for her grandparents, so she picked out one. Thank goodness she chose a lap quilt! So one more thing gets slapped on the list. I'd start on it tonight, but there's already another quilt loaded on the frame. Wish me luck that I have BOTH pieces quilted by the end of the week. Good goal to shoot for!

Sewing wasn't everything this weekend. I put a HUGE dent in my Christmas shopping list with a trip to Penney's, Radio Shack, Barnes and Noble, and Harbor Freight. I went by myself, so I zoomed through the stores. We ordered Amazon gift certificates for family members in England. Thanks to all that, I'm almost done with the store-bought stuff.

Listened to the Cincinnati Bearcats' football game whilst sewing on Saturday. It's a good thing that I didn't watch it on telly or I wouldn't have achieved a single stitch. It was the BEST college football game I've ever listened to. UC was down by 21 at halftime and came back to win it at the last minute. My heart will always be with the Ohio State Buckeyes, but I'm quickly learning to love UC - it is my son's school after all!

The staff at my church truly outdid themselves with the Christmas decorating this year. The entire church is so beautiful, it brought me to tears. Yesterday was also the Sunday for the congregation to bring presents for our adopted families. The stage was filled with hundreds of presents. It was a sight to remember.



jillquilts said...

Oh man!! I was thinking that maybe you had to clean your pants!! lol I think that I would've if my car had spun out! I am soooo glad that you are safe!

And you did a bunch over the weekend! Way to go!!! I made a dish cloth for the Guild and sewed a little on Saturday. It was a nice relaxing weekend.

Are you going to Guild tonight? Should I save you a seat?

Gina said...

Glad you are safe and there were no other cars about. It's scary when you hit ice isn't it. I did earlier in the year on a hill near me and ended up turning the car a full 360 and sliding back down the hill. Funny now I think back on it but it wasn't at the time.
Well done on the sewing

Love and hugs Gina xxx