Friday, December 11, 2009

Two Weeks To Christmas

Seems hard to believe there are only two more weeks until Christmas and the year is rapidly coming to an end. Where did the time go?

Well, last night it was spent in the sewing room. I finished the quilting on the Christmas quilt I want to keep for myself. Pleased with the end result and I hope to get the binding sewn on tonight.

Immediately after dinner, Andrea and I are going to Joann's to pick up a few things. I need some backing material for the quilt she and Tattoo Boy want to give to their grandparents. Andrea wants to find some yarn, felt, pipe cleaners to make crocheted chickens for her friends. Odd looking thing, but that's what she wants to do and she's not letting her lack of crochet skills get in the way; she's enlisted dear old mom to help her with the task.

For you quilters out there who use labels on your quilt backs: Do you sew them on or use some type of two-sided adhesive? I have these small personalized labels that say "Quilted With Love by Cathy Howe". I've sewn them on in the past, but the needle kind of shreds the material these labels are made of. Any suggestions would be valued......

The goals for this weekend:

-get the grandparents' quilt quilted and binding attached
-sew two pillowcases
-come close to finishing the quilted tote for my sister-in-law

If I accomplish those items by 8 pm on Sunday, I will be very, very pleased. I have no problem hiding in my sewing room, but my family must definitely has other things in mind.

During a meeting with our boss yesterday, he announced that he will be out of the office beginning the first of January and will not return until the last of February due to the radiation treatment he needs. He's supposed to get a scan next Wednesday and depending on the results of that test, more aggressive treatment(s) could be necessary. He is dealing with the diagnosis much better now - although he still struggles with discussing it. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


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BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'll keep your boss in my prayers. It's such an overwhelming thing to hear a diagnosis like that. Takes so long to even wrap your mind around it.
Two weeks? ughhhhhh
Have a great weekend!