Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time Management

When I returned to work last week, I talked myself into not hitting the "Snooze" button on my alarm any more. What I'm finding is that it's giving me an extra 15 minutes each morning before I have to leave the house. What better way is there to use the time than to sew? I did one pass on the quilting frame this morning and it felt great knowing I got that much done and the machine's set up for the next pass immediately after supper tonight. The trick is to not get too involved in something that I lose track of time and end up being late for work.

Two of the three Christmas wall hangings are now happily installed in our family room and look great. Michael's supposed to hang the third one this afternoon.

My boss returned to work today after being out most of last week. He's still reeling from the cancer diagnosis. He seems stunned, more so than anybody I've ever known who has been given dreaded news like that. He's supposed to retire in March, but somehow I don't think he'll be physically able to make it to then.


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Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your time management idea. It really is surprising what we can get done with just little snippets of time. I try to do the same thing when I am working on any sewing projects.
Take care, Sue