Friday, September 5, 2008

End of a rough work week

I know it's been a short work week, but am I ever glad that Friday is here! Despite being at my current job for almost eight years, I still don't feel like I'm all that secure. With the power structure being the way it is, folks in my job have very little clout and the employees who are doing the processing for some reason or another have more pull with management. So, when a processor complains about a decision I've made on a risk, I get nervous. Add to that the typical phone calls from agents questioning decisions, asking for exceptions, and basic whining - it hasn't been a real enjoyable week at the office for me. Honestly, I don't know why I have such insecure feelings since nobody in underwriting management has ever said bean word one to me about how I do my job and I've had nothing but glowing reviews. Perhaps it's because I was downsized at my last job - one that I absolutely adored- after 16 years with that company. Once the rug is pulled out from under you, I guess no carpet/rug ever seems firmly tacked down again. My friend, Diane, tried to ease my fears by telling me about an underwriter who didn't read an EKG correctly, issued the policy and during an audit the EKG was read again by a manager who saw it was abnormal enough that the policy should not have been issued. That underwriter is still here, Diane said, so I shouldn't worry.

Daisy update: She ran for a bit last night, but after about five passes on the course, she clearly had enough and sat down in the middle of the driveway. (We changed the course from the yard to the drive because the race downtown will be held on a concrete area. The training is meant to teach her to run like the dickens from me to Andrea - that's all - it's certainly not an endurance deal.) So, we picked her up, took her back inside gave her a biscuit and she fell asleep on the sofa.

SHOP HOP - tomorrow!!! Meeting Jill, Dominique and Maddy at 9 am and we're going to half of the stores Saturday, the other half on Sunday. At least that's the plan. Do I NEED any more fabric or patterns? Heck no, but why should that stop me? I'm really MAD, I tell you, positively looney!

Finished quilting three of the four placemats I'm working on last night. Probably would have done all four, but the bobbin ran out, it was getting late and I wanted to listen to John McCain's speech.

Have a great weekend!!!


jillquilts said...

Oh poor Daisy! Her poor little toenails!!! I can't wait for tomorrow!!

vtquilter said...

Sounds like Jill had a great day at the shop hop... so what did you buy? Pictures and a story please!