Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Powers Up!

Finally!!!! The lights went back on at our house at 3:30 this afternoon. That's fantastic news from Michael and I can't wait to get home to see it. Unfortunately, everything in the freezer and fridge has to be tossed out. Such a waste! I spoke with our insurance agent earlier today and was told to create a list of all the stuff we have to pitch - the paperwork's been filed and the adjuster will get in touch with us for the total. Well, I suppose it was excellent timing since trash collection is tomorrow morning. Good thing - I was out of clean underwear! Was doing laundry on Sunday when the lights went out.

Two of my co-workers and I went out for lunch at Frisch's today. A lot of the restaurants, this one included, are severely limited by what they can serve because much of their stores had to be trashed due to no power.

After the fridge has been cleaned out tonight, some laundry started - I' m gonna quilt for the first time in over 48 hours. I'm so addicted.........


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Jen said...

I can't blame you for wanting to sew 48 hours straight one bit!!