Friday, September 12, 2008

Roof Monkey

OK - you're probably wondering what the title is all about. I can now honestly put roof repairs on my list of multiple talents and skills. With the rain that was predicted to hit us today and the rest of the weekend, I told Michael I was concerned about the leak in our enclosed back patio. The water leaking into the roof was affecting the kids' bathroom - so we have issues in that room to repair, but my primary concern was to stop any more damage. He agreed, so last night we were on the roof, tacking down roofing material. My "job" was to spread some black tarry goo on the seams. (I'm sure it has a name other than goo!) Thank goodness I had the foresight to wear gloves 'cause that goo is tough to remove from skin. Keep your fingers crossed that our repair efforts worked.

After my goo glop job, I got a few lines of quilting done on the United Way quilt. Thus far, I'm really pleased with the thread I'm using - Connecting Threads variegated fall colours. If this keeps up, I'll place another thread order from them.

Tattoo Boy came by the house for a few minutes last night. He needed to pick up his mail, get a copy of a blank tax return, help us move the old fridge into the storage area, and toss the roofing material onto the roof for us. I think his presence is going to be a big help around the house when he returns in November. But, let me tell you what happened to him earlier this week. It's just left a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach for employers. He told Lowe's his school plans and asked them if they could work around his class schedule; he wanted to stay there as a team leader and go to school. They said no. OK, he thought, I'll find another job that will work around school. Pizza Hut hired him and at a higher rate of pay. Last Friday he turned in his two week notice at Lowe's. Monday when he showed up for work at Lowe's, his name was crossed off the schedule and he was informed that he has been dismissed for no reason. So much for trying to do the right thing.

Michael expressed that he was a bit homesick - he gets that way once in awhile - not as frequently as when we first were married six years ago though. He hasn't heard word one from any of his family in months. Course, he hasn't made the effort to write or phone either! I dashed off a few lines in an e-mail to his oldest daughter yesterday - the only one who has access to a computer on a regular basis and she's usually the most reliable one in the family. I asked her to take a few mins to contact her dad. Hope she does.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.


Jen said...

Gawd, I can't say the phrase that came to's very un PC. It just popped in my head because my "I'm Old and Can say Whatevah the heck I wanna say because I'm oblivious to whose feelings it may hurt", 88 Year old grandma uses the phrase on a regular basis. Sigh. Maybe it's a good thing she moved out of the city.

OK, LOWES...that is freaking ridiculous. You'd think they could have just TOLD him they were taking him off the schedule so he didn't have to waste his time going in. What Jerks. I'm glad we don't go to Lowes, or I'd have to boycott on your behalf!!

jillquilts said...

Oh, I will boycott on your behalf! What crap! At least he got a better paying job for school!

lenoirdenantes said...

I hope your roof stayed on during the wind storm on Sunday. I know what it is like to be on a roof and I hate it.
We did not have any damage on our house, but neighbors that did not face south lost siding and shingles. Good luck with the power.
Sorry that your son had the unfortunate experience at Lowes. I had a similar experience when I left Ohio Casualty. Gave two weeks notice and four hours later then called and said not to come back. Fortunately I had cleaned out my personal belongings before giving notice.
Lowes is no where near my home. I am a Home Depot customer. So consider me boycotting as well.