Monday, September 8, 2008

Notes On A Successful Shop Hop

Can't believe that it's over already! Jill, Maddy, Dominique and I had a ball shopping and travelling together this weekend. Think about it: four women in a car for hours with a humongous tray of cookies, shopping and finding a great deal to talk about despite not knowing each other much at all prior to the trip. Certainly can't say that now! Luv 'em like sisters!

Best Friends was our first stop of the day on Saturday. We were "treated" to a conga line courtesy of the shop owner and employees - that was the only dance routine we saw all day. What a way to start! I picked up a pattern for a Big Shirt and some Thimbleberries Halloween fabric. May not seem like much, but heck I'm in this store a lot and I WILL BE BACK.

The next four stores were ones that I had never been to before. And honestly, they're too far for a normal drive when there are other shops closer to me. But it's good to know this store is good for Civil War repro fabrics, that store is good for a treasure hunt and another has such beautiful landscaping/scenery that one should pack a lunch for an outdoor picnic.

Here's another thing: The more I get in to this quilting thing, the more I'm realizing that I have certain likes/dislikes. One shop in particular had nothing I was interested in - don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful shop, but the patterns, samples, and fabrics were things that didn't appeal to me. It all boils down to what a shopowner orders based on their anticipation of success or how well they know their customer base. That's why each one is different and special in its own way.

Like Jill mentioned, Dom locked us out of Aunt Ruth's. Livened us up a bit for the last shop of the day on Saturday. I hadn't been to Aunt Ruth's since the week after they moved to their new location. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of stock and how nice the store looked. It's evident the new owner has worked hard.

First stop on Sunday after lunch was the mother of all local quilt shops - Fabric Shack. I spent more at this store than any of the ten shops. And it was liberating! Usually Michael and Andrea are with me when I visit Fabric Shack. Those two moan like mad and pitch fits if I spend more than ten minutes there. This time - what nirvana! Uninterrupted fabric fondling -sheer joy! I found the ModaU pattern that was first on my list, a Moda Christmas jelly roll, and assorted fabrics.

The last stop of the hop was Stitches in Springdale. I'll always have a special spot in my heart for Stitches since Cheri from that store was my first quilt teacher. And I love the squirrel statues in that little town. Found another Moda jellyroll there, a magazine and some fabric from their discount rack.

Then, back home to the reality of stacks of laundry, a hungry family, and pets who couldn't figure out why their momma disappeared for two days. Even my next door neighbor came over after dinner and said, "You're never home!"

Well, it was fun while it lasted.......

Reality today - a doctor's appointment for Michael, a vet's appointment for Daisy the dashing dachshund, and blood donation for yours truly. Hoxworth's low on my blood type and phoned me at work this morning. Think I can get away with disappearing into my sewing room after all that?



jillquilts said...

I hope that you can disappear into your sewing room after all of that! Man, I really need a vacation! Good thing that I leave on Saturday!

Jen said...

I wish I could have been with you guys. It sounded like you had such a fun time.