Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mid-week update

Managed to get the backing pieced and ironed for the United Way Quilt last night. Didn't get around to it until 9:30 - lots of stuff kept me out of the sewing room, like dinner, laundry, grocery shopping, trash to put out, etc. Loved every minute of the Shop Hop last weekend, but it did put me behind in the household chores since I usually do them on the weekends. Tonight should be a bit less hectic. (I hope, I hope, I hope.) I want to get the United Way quilt loaded onto the frame tonight at the very least.

Poor Miss Daisy has a nasty ear infection. She was constantly shaking her head and crying every time we'd pet her head on the right side. Sure enough, the inside of her ear was really inflamed. The vet gave us some medication for her ear and said it was a good thing we brought her in for the infection. Dachshunds, she explained, can shake their heads so hard when they have an ear infection that it can burst blood vessels which require surgical repair. Yikes! She also mentioned Daisy was the fifth dog she saw Monday with an ear infection. Must be something in the air?

Michael's still battling his dental issues. His temporary tooth fell out for the third time and the dentist told him he's just doing to have to deal with the gap until the permanent work starts on Monday.

Things have settled down for me at the office this week, which is a tremendous blessing. It may be the calm before the storm - who knows? There's an upper management position available in my department which as it's structured will be my boss. I'll still defer to the Chief Underwriter for technical stuff, but everything else will go through this newly created VP spot. One of the current managers applied for the job and I just cringe at the thought of having to report to her for ANYTHING. Also heard several other internal candidates are out there as well as an external candidate the company has been courting for months. They'd better make a decision quickly since the new systems that we so desperately want and need are going out to bid in November and this new person is supposed to be the point man/woman for it. This new system will enable people in my position to work out of home - that's one of the goals at least. That would free up 90 minutes of my time every day.


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Jen said...

I bet it's something to do with the allergens floating around in the air. Stuff get stuck, gets infected. Poor kids. And it can't help that your kid is so close to the ground.