Thursday, September 4, 2008

Misc Ramblings

Didn't get all that much done in the sewing room last night, but I did manage to piece a super secret gift. Hoping to get the quilting done tonight on that secret project.

Honestly, I did have several distractions from the sewing room last night. Michael, Andrea and I went to McAllister's for dinner since the soup Michael wanted to make for dinner didn't sound appealing to me. Now, I ask you, who eats hot soup when it's close to 100 degrees outside? Got to McAllister's and I discovered my wallet was gone! Michael didn't have his wallet either. Fortunately, I knew where mine was after I thought about it. I should know better than to put it somewhere else other than my handbag. Such a creature of habit! Dinner was delayed a bit for a side trip to the bank.

After dinner, the real fun started - we took Daisy, our mini-dachshund, outside and started to run with her in anticipation of signing her up for the Cincinnati Octoberfest Weenie Race. We marked off a 50 foot space in the front yard for our "track". She did remarkably well for the first go at it. Tonight, we'll get the hot dog outfit out for her since all the racing dogs need to wear "buns". Daisy slept REAL GOOD last night too.

September is shaping up to be an incredibly busy month for my little family at the doctors, dentist and optometrist. Michael is going in for bridgework at the dentist in ten days. That will require four dental appointments for him! All three of us have our regular dental checkups later. On the 13th - all of us at the optical clinic. Michael has his yearly CT lung scan and follow-up appointment with his pulmonologist in mid month. (Expecting bad news with that one as his breathing difficulties are becoming more noticeable.) Keeping track of it and the other things we need to do is going to be fun. Tattoo Boy's orientation at UC is on the 17th and 18th. The kittens have their surgery on the 19th, on and on and on.....

You'd better believe I'll find time to quilt! My sanity will require it.
Keep stitchin'!


Jen said...

UH...A BUN? This I've got to see and why doesn't Jill have Max and Maisy in this?

CatQuilter said...

I think she'll be in Florida. Max and Maisy could have been Daisy's training partners!