Monday, September 15, 2008

We don't like Ike!

Ike's remnants came blowing through the Tri-State/Cincinnati area yesterday. The 70 mph winds did a number on a lot of the trees, roofs siding, etc through the area and out went the lights! Approximately 90 percent of Duke Energy's customers in our area are without power. Our electric went out around 5 pm yesterday and we're not-so-patiently waiting for it to be restored. Of course, the power's on at the office, thus I'm able to get a few things done on the computer. I would have stayed home with Michael and Andrea, but management really frowns on those associates who don't make the effort to come into the office on bad weather days. Plus, it was heavenly to get a hot cup of coffee in the cafeteria this morning! Besides, I can't get any machine sewing done. If I had stayed home, I could have cut fabric for several planned projects.

The winds were rather frightening yesterday - once the power went off -downright spooky. As far as we can tell, the only damage to our property was a bunch of tree limbs which Andrea and I dragged to the curb already. Our neighbors weren't so lucky with big trees down and roofs being shredded. We will have to ditch a lot of stuff in the fridge - and we had just returned from the grocery store before the power went off! The freezer items are good for another day - keep your fingers crossed that power's restored before then since there's a decent amount of meat in there.

Michael drove into West Chester for his dental appointment this morning and was able to get the preliminary work done on his teeth. I'm glad he didn't ditch the appointment. His main beef at the moment is lack of a decent cup of tea. I am concerned that Michael is unable to use him oxygen at night due to lack of power. One, perhaps two nights without it - OK, but more than that I will get concerned about the overall affect on his health.

Andrea's home, no school, probably bored to death since there's no computer or television.

Yesterday I got up early and finished quilting the United Way quilt. I had just started to press the binding when the power went out. I'm so glad I was at least able to finish the quilting - overall well pleased with quilt. Hope the raffle for it will raise a decent amount of money for United Way.

Michael's eldest daughter, Leah, e-mailed me - she and Michael's ex are coming here for a visit October 13-23. Leah's never been to visit us, this will be Margaret's (the ex's) 4th trip here. Yes, I know it's weird that Michael's ex comes to visit. Fortunately, she and I get along well. She gets on Michael's nerves if she's the only one around. Leah's presence will help in that matter. It's only for ten days........


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vtquilter said...

Sorry about the winds but glad you had no damage. Hope they restored the power before the freezer of food went bad.
Enjoy the lights and hot coffee at work!