Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Addicted to Nickels

.... Nickel quilts that is! LOL I received the second Nickel Quilts book in the post yesterday. Talk about anxious to work on a new project! There are so many neat patterns between those two publications - deciding what to work on first is the biggest challenge. My biggest regret is that I did not take the workshop when Pat Speth was in town earlier this month. Lucky for me she did the presentation at the guild meeting or else I wouldn't know what I was missing!

I sewed 11 of the 48 blocks needed for the next Stash Pot Pie quilt last night. At first, I was not real happy with my choice of fabrics until I laid them out on a flannel board - now I can't sew fast enough to get it done! I have three more nights to finish these blocks before we leave for England.

Isn't it strange that the main thing I'll miss from home is my sewing room? I did find a quilt shop in the town where we'll be staying and Gina gave me the names of some fabric manufacturers in England.

If you haven't already, read Jen's blog about her sewing machine injury. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! That had to have hurt big time! Gotta be careful, people. The needles and rotary cutters are sharp! The pointer finger on my left hand is still numb and tingly from slicing off 1/4" with a rotary cutter in early December.

Weather report: We're going to all swim home tonight. We're in the midst of a huge rainstorm - supposed to get 3-5 inches of rain by Wednesday night. Thank goodness it isn't snow! Two weeks ago it was!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael's on his last week of pulmonary rehab treatment. He swears that it hasn't done him any good, but my contention is how would he know how he felt if he HADN'T done the eight weeks of classes? AND if he had worked out and dieted as was advised, he WOULD be doing better. He cannot even fathom the correlation between diet and health. DUH! I wish we had the funds to buy him additional sessions, but I'm certain even if we did Michael would refuse to go.

Slip slidin' away in Cincinnati!

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